welcome to Obscurums! L'enfer Rouge is a small town in Louisiana otherwise known as "The Red Hell." Though it has a small population, the town itself boasts something for both the living and...otherwise. The Red Hell is a town which seems to attract people from all walks of life, and...undeath, if you will. Lately, a lot of strange things have been happening. Murders, happening more frequently, while the police seem more apt to turn a blind eye to it, while the creatures of the night whisper to each other about slayers and hunters settling in to fight back against the forces of evil which want to run this town. Where do you fit in, within the Red Hell? Obscurums is a supernatural creatures rpg, with a wide variety of species and things for you to choose from, and with no word count! Our rpg rating is: 3/3/3
FORECAST: chilly, winter is here!
set in winter, 2017

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 Rules, simple and easy to follow
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The Rules

We are an intermediate role-playing game that focuses on character development and in-game plots. We do not have a minimum word limit, but we do ask that you utilize proper grammar and spelling. Our themes will deal with a lot of dark situations such as violence and horror related subjects. As such, we ask that you realize this while coming into the game, because the overall rating is L3/V3/S3, meaning that the game will very much be open to mature content.

One We will have activity checks once a month and we ask that each character has at least one active thread/scene with at least 5+ replies to stay active. Hiatuses and slowatuses are available upon request.

Two Always keep OOC and IC seperate. God-Modding, or writing for another character that is not your own, unless given specific permission, will not be tolerated.
Three Please be respectful of each player and be polite to each other. If you have a problem with someone, see the admins. We will keep all complaints anonymous and will tend to the issue right away. Keep an open communication with your writing partners. Make sure you know each other's permissions and limits before threading. Going over someone's limits is prohibited. Please keep all conversation in the Chat Box PG-13. We also have a Discord which is available here! Besides the above, private messages should be used to communicate inbetween players. Please do not remind players to tag threads via our Chat Box, use private messages instead.
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